Switching Cycles




  • For testing Life performance of CFL. LED lighting products during fast ON and OFF switching cycles under high voltage and low voltage

System Features / Technical Data:

  • Fast ON and OFF time switching cycles in seconds which are adjustable as per the requirement
  • Holders are divided in different channels and can be rotated to check the CFLs horizontally if required
  • Failure of individual lamp can be recorded in the counter
  • Digital counters with battery back up to record the total No. of ON and OFF cycles the individual lamp has undergone during the test.
  • Optical sensors to identify the status of individual lamps
  • Voltage can be increased up to 400 V either to all the holders or selected channels as per the requirement
  • Voltmeter, time totalizator (Hour meter), dual cyclic timer along with contractors and other necessary switches and controls and auto transformers to set the required test voltage.
  • Any number of lamps can be tested as per the requirement