Flicker Test Systems



  • To check flickering of CFL capsule at higher temperature and higher voltage through magnetic ballasts and starter

System Features / Technical Data:

  • Combination of hot air oven with glass doors and a control unit
  • Microprocessor based PID temperature controller cum indicator with air circulating fan for accurate temp. Maintenance
  • Overshoot thermostat for additional safety to control temp. Rise if any
  • Temp. Maintains +10°C above ambient to 100°C.
  • Voltage can be increased up to 400 V (120 V-400 V)
  • Spring loaded special type of holders to hold 4 leads of CFL capsule firmly and to ensure tight electrical contact
  • Holders are common for different wattage capsules
  • Special rotary selector switches to select appropriate chokes while testing in common holder
  • This system is suitable to test 40 Nos of CFL capsules or any number of capsules as per the requirement
  • Voltmeter, time totalizer (hour meter), cyclic timer along with contractors and other necessary switches and controls
  • Auto transformers with other controls to set the required test voltage to each lamp bank.