HID Exhaust Systems



  • To evacuate the glass shell during the manufacturing process of HID lamps

System Features / Technical Data:

  • 6 inch diffusion pumps of 1600 lts/ sec capacity for high vacuum exhaust
  • 100 lts/ min rotary high vacuum pump for roughing
  • 600 lts/ min rotary high vacuum pump for backing.
  • Two sets of manifolds with water cooling jackets for alternate evacuation on either side of the common system and provision to admit air or nitrogen
  • Chavverron baffle valve, high vacuum color, isolation valves, roughing valves, butterfly valves, pirani and penning gauges with electrical control panel
  • Suitable for both elliptical and tubular HID lamps of different wattage
  • Ultimate vacuum in the rage of 10 m bar
  • Supplied along with heating oven with stand insulated with ceramic blankets, temperature indicator and LPG burner etc
  • Supplied along with lamp lighting movable rack fitted with different chokes, ignitions and other switches and controls
  • Both semi-automatic and manual systems available.