Glow Wire Test Apparatus



  • Resistance to flame and ignition test on insulating material such as CFI outer insulating material, HID lamp cap insulating parts etc

System Features / Technical Data:

  • The heating element is made of Nickel/ Chromium (80:20) wire, 4 mm in diameter
  • The temperature sensor is made of a sheathed fine wire of Cr/ A1 thermocouple resistant to a temperature of 1000 C
  • Self adjusting current source is used to heat the Glow-wire up to preset temperature
  • A microprocessor based PID temperature controller is used to control temp of glow wire. (Range: Ambient to 960C, Resolution: 1°C Accuracy: 1% Display: 4 Digit Red LED)
  • Microprocessor based digital timer is used for pre-setting the test duration (Range: 0.1 999scc) with audio alarm to remove the test sample from the glow wire tip
  • Digital time interval meter to record the burning time of the sample
  • Glow wire penetration into the sample can be limited mechanically
  • Provision to press the sample towards the glow wire tip with a force of 1 Newton
  • In Auto models motorized forward and reverse motion for the movement of specimen with additional manual jog switches
  • Automatic start of the test and draw back of the sample after the pre-set test time with a single press button
  • Manufactured confirming to IEC, BSS and IS specification.