Abnormal Condition Test Eqp.



  • For performance test of electronic circuitry in self ballasted CFL, LED lamp, electronic choke, LED driver and other LED lighting products under abnormal conditions such as at higher temperature  and higher voltage, under voltage & others

Features and Technical Data:

  • Combination of electric oven / heating section with glass doors and a control unit
  • Microprocessor based PID temperature controller cum indicator with air circulating fan for accurate temp. maintenance
  • Overshoot thermostat for additional safety to control temp. rise if any
  • Temp. maintains in the lamp fixing compartment from ambient to upto 150°C
  • Voltage can be increased up to 400 V
  • This system is suitable to test 160 Nos. of self ballasted CFL or any number of CFL as per the requirement
  • Voltmeter, time totalizer (Hour meter), cyclic timer, ON/ OFF counter along with contractors and other necessary switches and controls
  • Auto-transformers with other controls to set the required test voltage to each lamp fixing compartment
  • In Electronic ballast reliability test rack provision to fix 14W/ 21W/ 28W/ 35W T5 TFL electronic ballast and also T/ T12 (18W/ 36W/ 40W electronic ballast
  • Holders are of special type, pushing and removable type, the bottom portion is fixed and the top portion is removable so that different size TFL can be accommodated easily.