Automated Photometric Test Eqp.



  • To measure electrical and luminous parameters, stimulus values. chromaticity co-ordinate values, correlated color temperature etc. of CFI., 111.. HID lamps and other light sources.


  • System consists or a Photometric control panel and Spherical Photometric integrator. Static voltage regulator cum frequency converter (Stabilized power supply) along with PC and other accessories.
  • Photometric control panel incorporates Power meter WT210/WT230 (Yokogawa). Chroma meter Cl. 200 (Konica Minolta), temperature indicator, auto transformer and other necessary controls and switch gear.
  • Power meter measures supply voltage, lamp voltage-current-power- frequency -power factor, V harmonics, I harmonics, THD etc Chroma meter measures Illuminance in values of lux/Itimens,’x”y’ chromaticity co-ordinate values, correlated color temperature etc.
  • Auto transformer for output fine tuning of supply voltage.
  • Digital temperature indicator to measure the inside temperature of the integrator.
  • Control panel compatible for Photometry testing with digital output RS-232C and hence accurate measurement possible .
  • Computer interfaced along with software for recording the test data. The user friendly screen displays and prints various parameters of CFUTFUH I I) lamps such as VI (supply volt)- Amp Watt-Hz-V2 (lamp volt)-Lux/Lumen power factor-x’ y’ chromaticity co-ordinate values.. ‘V’ harmonic, T harmonic and total harmonic values in a single Operation. Control panel suitable for electronic ballast/choke testing also.
  • Mac-Adam ellipses for all lamps of different colour temperatures.