Ageing Panels



  • To carry out ageing test and extinguish test on HID Lamps such as HPSV/ MH lamps (during production)

System Features / Technical Data:

  • 3 phase-neutral operated, combined type, suitable to age HPMV lamps, HPSV lamps and MH lamps
  • Provision to age lamps on both sides of the rack alternatively using common chokes and SIP ignition through special rotary switches
  • Specially wound and impedance matched magnetic chokes with low watt loss which are fitted in the bottom with proper ventilation and exhaust fan for cooling
  • Special rotary selector switches to select required wattage chokes while testing in common holders
  • Voltmeters, ammeters, timer along with contractors and other necessary controls and switches gears
  • Individual lamp circuit with provision to measure ARC voltage of each lamp
  • Isolation transformer and additional circuitry to perform Extinguish test by reducing the supply voltage from 100% to 90% within 0.5 seconds without breaking the supply line
  • After 5 seconds of extinguish test the supply of returns to the normal 100% value with an audio and visual indication
  • Special, pushing type holders made of brass/ aluminium for easy loading and unloading of lamps
  • Sets of E-27 and E-40 special holders which are common for different wattage of HID lamps
  • Fully covered lamp mounting area with sliding doors or heat resistant screen on both the sides
  • Lamp fixing channels can be rotated so that lamps can be Aged either horizontally or vertically as required
  • Heat resistant FRP wires for entire wiring in the ageing rack
  • Digital timer to be set the Ageing time totalizer (hour meter), to note the total duration of lamp burning and event counter to record the total No. of ageing cycles
  • High frequency tesla coil to light up the lamps if required
  • The panel/ system can be designed for the Ageing of any number of lamps as per the requirements
  • The unit is supplied along with auto transformer to set the required choke voltage.